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The Resources and Energy Sector Infrastructure Council (RESIC, 2007–2013) was established to provide an advisory and coordination role to the South Australian government and private sector on complex resources and energy infrastructure matters by:

  • Creating a close working relationship between the resources sector and government on planning and infrastructure development
  • Coordinating the collection of accurate data to support the planning of viable, fit-for-purpose infrastructure
  • Working with the resources sector to foster cooperation between companies to maximise the value of infrastructure that is developed in order to minimise its duplication. 

In 2011 RESIC initiated the Resource and Energy Infrastructure Demand Study to understand the anticipated demands of the resources and energy industries on existing and new infrastructure.  

This study led to the Deloitte Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan.

A key recommendation from this plan was for the establishment of the Resource Infrastructure Taskforce (RIT)

In 2015 RESIC was merged with the Resources Industry Development Board (RIDB) to form the Minerals and Energy Advisory Council (MEAC)

RESIC reports

2014_RESIC_Achievements_updated-1Resources and Energy Sector Infrastructure Council 2007-2013 (PDF 2.4MB)
A report on the achievements and deliverables of RESIC since the Council's establishment in July 2007
The Government's response to the RESIC recommendations, taking into account the findings of the community consultation analysis report. The Directions Statement provides comments on each recommendation and nominates key agencies to deliver on each initiative. 
December 2012 

An independent analysis of community responses to the RESIC recommendations to the South Australian Government Consultation Paper derived from the findings of the 2011 Resources and Energy Infrastructure Demand Study
Report released August 2012; prepared by Rural Solutions SA

TED286_Resic_Consultation_Paper_FA-1Consultation paper: RESIC recommendations to the South Australian Government February 2012 (PDF 635KB)
Proposed recommendations following publication of the 2011 Resources and Energy Infrastructure Demand Study
February 2012

- Appendices (PDF 3.0MB)
- Survey Analysis Data (PDF 2.5MB)

The 2011 Resources and Energy Infrastructure Demand Study builds on the 2009 study to identify project infrastructure requirements for road, rail, ports, water, telecommunications, power and gas.
Report released November 2011; prepared by Parsons Brinckerhoff 

Special abridged report prepared by PIRSA Spatial Information Services - some material relating specifically to RESIC and for consideration by PIRSA and government has been removed from the original report. 
Report released November 2011

Groundwater program reports 

The Groundwater Program was initiated by the Department for Water to align with objectives of the Water for Good plan. The vision for this program is that groundwater systems are managed to support the environmental, social and economic development of the state. The program includes targeted investment to update knowledge of groundwater resources through regular assessment, enhance the monitoring capacity for groundwater systems and investigate impacts of climate change on water resources.

The report has been prepared to provide identification and analysis of anticipated increase in electricity demand by SA's resources industry to 2020 and beyond so holistic planning solutions can be considered and progressed. Part of a collaborative project between RESIC, the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) and ElectraNet.
Annual power consumption data has not been included in the report due to its commercial sensitivity.
Report released February 2010

The study provides an understanding of the latest infrastructure demands of the resources sector, including an Appendix with GIS maps indicating demands for power, roads, rail, gas and water. Prepared by Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd for RESIC.
Report released January 2010

The paper explores potential impacts of mandated renewable and carbon reduction policies and related impacts of potential energy demand growth driven by expansion of the mineral resources sector on South Australia's electricity supply infrastructure. Prepared by ElectraNet to support discussion on long term infrastructure planning. 
Report released November 2009

Available on the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure website, the plan provides a state framework for the planning and delivery of infrastructure by all government and private sector infrastructure providers. 
The Regional Overview of the plan presents infrastructure priorities located throughout the state.
Released 2005

Information/fact sheets

Action 48 of the Water for Good plan: outlines the existing legislative and operational framework for the management of water resources within South Australia that all water users, including the mining industry, are required to work within.
June 2011 revised edition