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Mineral Deposit Database containing over 6500 South Australian mines and mineral deposits

MINDEP Online offers  a broad range of searching criteria and includes dropdown lists and auto complete text boxes to make searching quick and easy.

Information that can be found using MINDEP Online:

  • Deposit Status, Deposit Summary and Deposit Description
  • Location details
  • Major/Minor Commodities
  • Operational type, operational status
  • Regional and local ore controls, relationship to host rock; ore and host rock lithology and stratigraphic units
  • Ore and gangue mineralogy
  • Cox and Singer deposit classification
  • Historic Mine Summary cards downloads
  • Links to SARIG Publication and reports database

MINDEP online search results can be downloaded in a zipped data package containing six comma-separated values (csv) files or can be viewed on the SARIG Map.

MINDEP data delivery via SARIG

SARIG displays MINDEP site locations and also offers mine and deposit data subsets: Active/Non Active, by Commodity and Contained Resources.

MINDEP site locations can be downloaded from SARIG in multiple file formats:

  • ArcGIS shapefiles and geodatabase
  • MapInfo Tab
  • Google Earth KMZ
  • Web Services WMS/WFS

MINDEP spatial datasets are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 CC-BY