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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review | Central Eyre Iron Project mining lease approved

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SARIG offers two ways to search for and access Geophysical Data:

  • Identify tool, located in the Menu Toolbox under the Search/Identify drop-down.

For more information on how to use SARIG Help Identify Tool

  • Geophysical Data tool, located in the Menu Toolbox under the Database drop-down.
OH_DBGeoData01The Geophysical Data tool provides the user with the ability to download Magnetic, Radiometric, Gravity and AEM data for a specified drawn are (cookie cut).


OH_DBGeoData02Clicking Geophysical Data will open the Map based database search window. This window is shared between Geophysical Data, Drillhole / Core Inspections and Rock Sample Analysis. The user can switch between the three by using the drop-down menu.

Results widget

The Results widget appears once an area of interest has been drawn. 


Search extent 

These fields indicate the coordinates of the drawn area of interest. They are pre-populated once the area is drawn and do not require manual input. If specific coordinates are known, replace the pre-populated coordinates with your own.

Search Download File Output

Additional options can be chosen from beneath the Select Download file output heading. These options allow customization of the data to be downloaded. Users can select output options for Theme, Format, Projection and Datum.  

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How to download data using Geophysical Data

1. Access the Geophysical Data tool from the Database drop-down menu.


2. Draw a box over an area of interest.


3. Specify Search Criteria (Theme, Format, Projection and Datum).Custom coordinates can be entered at this point. 


4. Click Perform Search. 


5. Within each result listing are three selection buttons titled Data. Users may click one these buttons to customize the amount of detailed information within a downloaded file. Click a selection button to choose between downloading All data, every 2nd Grid Cell or every 10th Grid Cell


6. Check the Download data box for each result to download. 

7. Enter a valid email address and click Download Results


8. An email containing a link to the prepared files will be sent to your designated address a short time after clicking the Download Results

Thumbnail Sample 

OH_DBGeoData05Results within the list contain hyperlinks named Show Thumbnail (Draft Only). Clicking on this hyperlink downloads and displays, next to the result, a small thumbnail image representing a draft version of the data. This tool is useful in helping to decide which dataset is appropriate before downloading in full.






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For more information, contact:

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