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Applicant: Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd
Application: Retention lease (RL) and miscellaneous purposes licence (MPL)
Mineral claim (MC) number: MC 4405
Purpose:  RL (MC 4405) - To carry out further investigations within the proposed retention lease area to enable the submission of a mining lease proposal  
MPL (2017/0003881) - Design and construction of civil engineering works to be undertaken to support weighbridge, office, amenities, telecommunications tower, water storage tank, car parking and infrastructure ancillary to mining
Location: Kanmantoo area, approximately 8 km east of Mount Barker
Area:RL approximately 161 hectares 
MPL approximately 3.91 hectares
Reference: 2017/0003881
Documents for public comment:

In support of the RL and MPL applications, Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd submitted the following RL proposal and MPL management plan:

Under Section 41BA and Section 53 of the Mining Act 1971 the Minister must invite members of the public to make written submissions in relation to the application for a retention lease and miscellaneous purposes licence. The Minister must have regard for the public submissions when assessing the RL and MPL applications. The statutory public consultation period was run concurrently for the MPL Management Plan and RL Proposal, with the commencement date as 25 July 2017 and closing date as 22 August 2017. During this time a total of six public submissions were received by the South Australian Government Mineral Resources Division.

Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd were requested to review and respond to all submissions received.

Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd provided a response document to address the matters raised during the statutory consultation period.

Current status of application:

The Government of South Australia has deemed the response document received on 20 December 2017 as suitable for the purpose of assessing the MPL management plan and RL proposal documents, and will continue to progress the application through the assessment process.

Contact for more information:

If you have any queries regarding this application, please contact:

Layla Howe
Mining Regulation Branch
Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Phone: +61 8 8226 2780



Business Support Officer
Mining Regulation Branch

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