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Applicant: Sibelco Australia Limited

Retention lease proposal (2 applications)

Mineral Claim (MC) number: MC 3359 and MC 3360 

Industrial minerals (silica sand)

Location: Mount Compass area, approximately 8 km south-southeast of Willunga
Area: MC 3359 - approximately 158.07 hectares
MC 3360 - approximately 125.80 hectares
Reference: T02370
Document for public comment:

Under Section 41BA of the Mining Act 1971, the Minister must invite members of the public to make written submissions in relation to an application for a retention lease. The retention lease application document submitted by Sibelco Australia Ltd may be inspected via the following means:

Making a submission:

Electronic or written submissions in relation to these applications are invited.

Consider whether or not:

  • the applicant has adequately described the existing environment as far as this is relevant to the proposed operations
  • has adequately identified the potential impacts on the environment that may arise from the proposed operations
  • the proposed environmental outcomes are acceptable
  • the proposed mitigation measures are practical and are likely to achieve the desired outcomes
  • the proposed outcome measurement criteria are suitable to demonstrate achievement of the proposed outcomes.

Information and guidelines on making a submission on a mining proposal

The Minister for Energy and Mining is required to have regard to these submissions in determining whether to grant or refuse the applications and, if so, the terms and conditions on which they should be granted.

When you make a written submission that submission becomes a public record. Your submission will be provided to the applicant and may be made available for public inspection.

Send comments to:

All submissions must be emailed or posted via the following:


Postal address:
Business Support Officer
Mining Regulation Branch
Department for Energy and Mining
GPO Box 320
Adelaide SA 5001

Closing date for comment:

Closing date for submissions: 05 March 2020

If you have any queries regarding this application, please email, and your enquiry will be forwarded to the Assessing officer in the Mining Regulation Branch.

Additional information:

The Mineral Claims relating to these applications were registered on 3 March 2003, and have remained active pursuant to Regulation 19 due to the previous valid lodgement of Mineral Lease applications over the Mineral Claims.

Pursuant to section 41A(2) of the Mining Act 1971, Sibelco Australia Limited have since lodged two Retention Lease applications over the areas of the Mineral Claims.

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