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Fees effective from 1 July 2018

All fees are exempt from GST

Precious stones prospecting permit fees (PSPP)

Fee  ($)

Application for the issue or renewal of permit  74.00
Application for issue of a duplicate permit 16.50
Application for the issue of:
(a) a set of identification plates (other than the first set of plates) 8.90
(b) a replacement identification plate  6.95 
Tenement fees - Precious stones claims (PSC)
Application for the registration of:
Small precious stones claimLarge precious stones claimExtra large precious stones claimOpal development lease
$30.75 $62.50 $89.00 $98.00
Application for the renewal of:
Small precious stones claimLarge precious stones claimExtra large precious stones claim
$114.00 $230.00 $313.00
Opal Mining Register - Searches

Fee  ($)

Inspection of the Mining Register 45.00
Extraction of a precious stones claim report   7.05
Other fees

Fee  ($)

Lodgement or withdrawal of a caveat  74.00
Submission for registration of an opal mining cooperation agreement  92.00
Lodgement for registration of:
  • a native title mining agreement
  • a native title mining mining determination
Recovery of a post stored at an office of the Opal Mining Register   23.90 
Application for an exemption from the requirement to remove posts   11.20
Application for an authorisation under the Act   16.60 
Application for an exemption from the obligation to comply with a Provision of the Act   98.00
Registration of any other document  16.60

There is no charge for the lodgement of a bond.

For more information, contact:

DEM Opal Fields
Phone: +61 8 8672 5800
Fax: +61 8672 5788

Street address:
Opal Mining Register
TAFE Building
Hutchinson Street
Coober Pedy SA 5723

Mailing address:
Opal Mining Register
PO Box 475
Coober Pedy SA 5723