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About the project

location mapTerramin Exploration Pty Ltd are proposing development of an underground gold mine on the site of the historic Bird in Hand gold mine last mined in the 1880s.

The applicants for the Bird in Hand Gold Project are related companies  and Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd, together known as ‘Terramin’.

The Project includes:

  • Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd's proposed development of an underground gold mine near Woodside on the site of the historic Bird in Hand gold mine last mined in the 1880s. The purpose of the development is for the recovery of gold and silver.
  • Terramin Australia Limited’s intent is to transport ore from Woodside to Strathalbyn to utilise existing processing facilities at Angas Zinc Mine (ML 6229) for the purpose of ore processing and tailings storage facilities.


  • Underground gold mine: Woodside area, approximately 5 km south-southeast of Lobethal
  • Processing facilities: Strathalbyn area, approximately 10 km southeast of Macclesfield

More detailed information about the locations is available at Public Notices (Mining): Bird in Hand Gold Project

Terramin's applications

Terramin submitted two primary applications for the Bird in Hand Gold Project, to meet the requirements of the Mining Act 1971, and set out the company's proposed approach to meeting the relevant requirements of the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

The Department for Energy and Mining has declared the mining proposal and management plan submitted in support of the Bird in Hand Gold Project adequate for assessment.

Note: The mining proposal initially released on the Terramin website was updated following a request from DEM for additional information (see 27 June 2019 letter below). The following sections of the mining proposal were changed: Executive Summary,, 4.1.2,, 10.1.2,, 21.3.5, Appendix B8 and Appendix K1.

Application requirements

The South Australian Government recognises the particular community and commercial interests arising from the location of the Bird in Hand Gold Project.

In April 2017, on advice from technical specialists in the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining, the Department for Environment and Water and the Environment Protection Authority, a project-specific Ministerial Determination was published setting out the minimum requirements of a mining lease application for the Bird in Hand Gold Project. The Determination for a Mining Proposal for the Bird in Hand Gold Project (PDF 377 KB) sets out the information that must be provided by Terramin, including information to be obtained from in-depth studies on the interaction between the proposed mine, the environment (particularly groundwater), adjacent businesses, residents and the local community.

The miscellaneous purposes licence application for processing of gold ore at the Angas Zinc Mine must be prepared in accordance with Ministerial Determination 006: Minimum information required to be provided in a mining proposal and/or management plan for a mineral lease (ML) and any associated miscellaneous purposes licence (MPL) applications for metallic and industrial minerals (excluding extractive coal and uranium)

Terramin are also required to openly engage with all stakeholders (i.e. interested members of the public, local businesses etc.) when developing both documents. Detailed evidence of all engagement activities must be provided along with an appropriate response to issues raised.

All requirements of both Ministerial Determinations must be provided in the respective applications submitted by Terramin before they will be accepted for assessment by the South Australian Government.

Calendar of events

Correspondence between Terramin and DEM

Correspondence from Government to the WCCC

Presentations to the Woodside Community Consultative Committee (WCCC)

Presentation at Public Meeting held on 19 August 2019 at Woodside by DEM

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