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BHP's planned Olympic Dam expansion to increase output of copper ¦ Amendments to exclusion periods for WPA access zones, issued February 2019 ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000

Tenement holders must hold an approved program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) before conducting any mining operations.

PEPRs that have been approved in the last six months are listed on this web page.

Previously approved PEPRs

Approved PEPRLease/ Licence
(*Tenement class)
LocationPurposeDate approved
Tintinara Sand Pit (PDF 3 MB)EML 610122 km south east of CoonalpynSand18 January 2019
Leigh Creek Copper Mine - (Mountain of Light) (PDF 9 MB)ML 5467Northern Flinders Ranges, approximately 260 km north of Port AugustaCopper30 November 2018
Cooke Plains Gypsum Mine (PDF 3 MB)ML 196, ML 2065 km east of Cooke PlainsGypsum19 November 2018
White Dam Gold Project (PDF 132 MB)ML 6275, ML 6395, MPLs 104-107, MPL 139, MPL 095Approximately 30 km northeast of OlaryGold19 November 2018
Four Mile Uranium Mine (PDF 11 MB)ML 6402Approximately 115 km northeast of Leigh CreekUranium4 October 2018
Beverley Uranium Mine (PDF 11 MB)ML 6321300 km northeast of Port AugustaUranium4 October 2018
SMB Quarry (PDF 5 MB)EML 615912 km south of Mount GambierLimestone2 October 2018
Alvanos's Quarry (PDF 5 MB)EML 6489Woodleigh area, approximately 8.5 km southeast of LoxtonLimestone21 September 2018
Bugle Hut (PDF 8 MB)EML 6490Pike River area, approximately 11 km south-southeast of RenmarkLimestone13 September 2018
Scherer Quarry (PDF 9 MB)EMLs 5765, 5834, 5835, 5988, 6207, 6254 Approximately 10 km southeast of RenmarkLimestone 5 September 2018
Port Neill Quartzite QuarryEML 6351Nearest town of Port Neill is 6 km to the east of Tumby BayQuartzite, sand6 July 2018
Kanmantoo Bluestone Quarry (PDF 65 MB)EML 5713, MPL 1553.7 km west from the rural township of KanmantooMeta-siltstone24 August 2018
Haydons Sand Pit - Reeves Plains (PDF 2 MB)EML 6475Located 14 km from Two Wells within the Adelaide Plains Council areaSand30 July 2018
Larapinta Mine (PDF 6 MB)EML 6469Newland area, approximately 15 km southwest of ParndarnaIronstone25 July 2018
Leigh Creek Copper Mine (Lorna Doone) (PDF 2 MB)ML 549831 km northeast of Lyndhurst Copper24 July 2018
Leigh Creek Copper Mine (Mountain of Light) PDF 8 MB)ML 54673 km southeast of the township of CopleyCopper20 July 2018
White Sand Pit - Alford ( PDF 3 MB)EML 6474Alford area, 18 km north northeast of KadinaSand19 July 2018
Tarcoola Gold Mine
1. Main document (PDF 11 MB)
2. Appendices A-F (PDF 72 MB)
3. Appendices G-I (PDF 54 MB)
4. Appendices J-N (PDF 78 MB)
ML 6455416 km northwest of Port Augusta and 3 km west of TarcoolaGold, silver10 July 2018

1. Main document (PDF 20 MB)
2. Appendices (PDF 80 MB)

ML 6471, MPL 152-154Approximately 160 km north of Port AugustaML - copper, gold, silver
MPLs - corridor, access road and wellfields
5 July 2018

*Tenement class

  EML: Extractive minerals lease 
  ML: Mineral lease
  RL: Retention lease
  MPL: Miscellaneous purposes licence

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