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Magnetite Strategy aiming to secure $10 billion in investment

 12 May 2016  Magnetite Strategy, South Australia, iron ore

News release - Tom Koutsantonis Resource industry leaders will attend a workshop today to...

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission report releases

 09 May 2016  Nuclear fuel cycle, Royal Commission

News release _ Jay Weatherill The Final Report of the Royal Commission into the...

Resource production statistics

 29 Apr 2016  Resource production, statistics, minerals, commodity

Resource production statistics for various commodities for the 6 month period ended 31 December...

New SARIG layers released

 01 Mar 2016  SARIG, Mineral and energy resources

More about using SARIG The world-renowned South Australian Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG) delivers...

Mineral assets in South Australia's west unearthed

 02 Dec 2015  Minerals, Eucla-Gawler seismic survey

The world’s mineral exploration community now has more information about the geology beneath South...

New snapshot available for South Australian resources sector

 05 Nov 2015  Resource sector, Mining regulation report

A new snapshot of the regulatory performance of South Australia’s mineral resource sector is...

Uranium mining approvals, regulation and key initiatives in South Australia

 15 Jul 2015  Minerals, Uranium, South Australia, investment, regulation and approvals

Presented by Dr Ted Tyne at the Australian Uranium Conference, Perth, 15 July 2015...


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