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Coompana ERAs 

The launch of 14 new Exploration Release Areas (ERAs) in South Australia’s far west represents an exciting new frontier for mineral exploration in the state.

Mineral explorers will be able to apply for access to the Coompana region in June, following the release of high resolution geophysical survey data in December 2015.

The release of the Coompana ERAs is a rare opportunity for successful applicants to work alongside the Geological Survey of South Australia, who are currently working in the area collecting new data and information to better define the geology and mineral potential of the area.

The work program in the Coompana area is a key component of the State Government’s new $20 million PACE Copper initiative which was announced in November 2015.

The new magnetic and radiometric data is only the first phase of regional geophysical surveying over the Coompana ERAs with a number of new datasets planned for delivery in the coming year.

Applications will be open for a five day period following the one month publication in June via the government's SARIG web application:

The Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Tom Koutsantonis made the announcement today at the South Australian Resources and Energy Investment Conference in Adelaide.


In 2015 the Government delivered the first package of new high resolution data from a PACE airborne survey in the south west corner of the state, near the Western Australia border.

The Coompana magnetic and radiometric survey gave new insights into the geology that lies beneath the Nullarbor Plain and its exploration potential.

It covered 85,000 square kilometres (larger than the size of many European countries), and collected 249,000 kilometres of exploration data.

Particular attention was given to an underexplored featureless greenfields area, with less than a dozen drill holes.

The availability of the magnetic and radiometric data is the first stage in capturing a more complete suite, with the state government to continue with national partners to deliver
complementary data, with a final seismic data release later this year.

Quotes attributable to Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis

"The survey results have sparked intense interest among geologists and explorers."

"The Geological Survey will include drilling and further geochemistry work to get a clearer picture of what minerals lie beneath the surface."

"The release of areas for exploration and the opportunity to work in tandem with the Geological Survey presents a terrific opportunity for explorers in an emerging mineral province."

"We are a state of vast mineral resources – much of which remains undiscovered – and the State Government is committed to investing in a lucrative future for the resources sector during this time of low commodity prices and restricted global exploration capital."

News release
Tom Koutsantonis
Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy
April 20, 2016