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Download Coompana abstracts

Wednesday 1 August 2018
9.30 am to 4.30 pm 

South Australia Drill Core Library

  • New geoscience results and concepts from the Coompana Province
  • View the drillcore retrieved from beneath the Nullarbor Plain

About the workshop
Workshop presentations
Coompana Drilling Project reports
Download Coompana workshop extended abstracts (PDF 35.1 MB)
MESA Journal article: Breaking down the Coompana Drilling Project

About the workshop

  • Free one day event
  • Explore exciting new geological results and concepts resulting from the multi-million dollar pre-competitive geoscience work on the Coompana Province undertaken by the Geological Survey of South Australia in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and the CSIRO
  • Latest findings from the Coompana Province ranging from:
    • lithospheric scale structure as imaged by deep crustal seismic
    • magnetotelluric data
    • landscape evolution
    • surface geochemistry
  • Presentations and data releases
  • Focus on results from the Coompana Drilling Project
  • View the retrieved cores from beneath the Nullarbor Plain

Coompana workshop presentations

Session 1: Coompana Province cover and chemistrySpeaker
Exploring for the future: Coompana (PDF 1.8 MB)  Richard Blewett (Geoscience Australia)
Regolith mapping depicting intricate landscape patterns and relationships to bedrock geology and structure under cover on the Nullarbor Plain (PDF 4.9 MB) Carmen Krapf (Geological Survey of South Australia)
Sampling workflow and surface geochemistry of Coompana (PDF 3.5 MB) Ryan Noble (CSIRO)
Insights on landscape geochemical evolution in Coompana (PDF 3.7 MB) Ignacio González-Álvarez (CSIRO)
Benchmarking pre-drilling geophysics (PDF 5.5 MB)  Tony Meixner (Geoscience Australia)
Microgravity surveys on the Nullarbor (PDF 5.3 MB) Philip Heath (Geological Survey of South Australia)
Session 2: Coompana drilling and basement geology
Land access and environment (PDF 1.2 MB) Tim Wilson (Department for Environment and Water)
Some highlights of the Coompana Gravity and Magnetic Modelling and Inversion Study (PDF 3.0 MB)  Clive Foss (CSIRO)
Drilling methods and new technology Mike Ravella (Boart Longyear)
Coompana Drilling Project: basement lithologies and structure (PDF 7.2 MB) Mark Pawley (Geological Survey of South Australia)
Coompana Province geochemistry, age and petrogenesis (PDF 2.7 MB) Rian Dutch (Geological Survey of South Australia)
Session 3: Regional results and implications
What the 13GA-EG1 Eucla-Gawler Seismic Survey tells us about the Coompana Province (PDF 3.0 MB) Mark Pawley (Geological Survey of South Australia)
Lithospheric architecture of the Coompana Province from AusLAMP and profile MT data (PDF 6.4 MB)  Stephan Thiel (Geological Survey of South Australia)
Western South Australia heatflow data Alicia Pollett (University of South Australia)
Isotopic signatures of the Coompana Province Michael Hartnady (Curtin University)
Implications and geodynamic evolution of the Coompana Province (PDF 3.5 MB) Tom Wise (Geological Survey of South Australia)

Download the program (PDF)

MESA Journal article

Breaking down the Coompana Drilling Project (published June 2018)