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A pre-competitive geoscience workflow which aims to de-risk exploration in an under-explored, greenfields region of South Australia

Coompana drill site sampling The Coompana Province is located between the western Gawler Craton to the east, the Musgrave Province to the North and the Madura Province to the west, straddling the South Australian Western Australian border. The region is completely covered by Neoproterozoic to Cenozoic sediments of the Officer, Denman, Bight and Eucla basins. There are no known basement exposures and only ~12 existing drill holes that intersect basement in the region. Because of these factors the geology and mineral prospectivity of the region is largely unknown.

The GSSA and our project partners are committed to leading scientific understanding and driving discovery beneath post-mineralisation cover in South Australia through pre-competitive data capture and knowledge value-add, aligned with the objectives set out in the National Mineral Exploration Strategy and the UNCOVER Initiative.

The staged pre-competitive geoscience data acquisition workflow for the far west of South Australia included:

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