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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review | Central Eyre Iron Project mining lease approved

A mining tenement is a claim, lease or licence under the Mining Act 1971

Proposed exploration licence graticular block system

Proposed exploration licence graticular block systemA review of the Mining Act 1971 and Mining Regulations 2011 is currently underway. This review will allow for the modernisation of these laws to ensure South Australia stays a leader in adopting modern and efficient practices for exploration and mining activities.

The review includes options for the modernisation of the way in which South Australia spatially represents and defines its exploration licences. Specifically, the Mineral Resources Division of the Department of State Development is exploring a transition to a graticular boundary system within the GDA2020 datum.

More information about the proposal: Information sheet: Proposed exploration licence graticular block system (PDF)

Stakeholders are invited to respond to questions about the proposal and transition options by completing the Graticular blocks and datum modernisation consultation survey

More about the Leading practice review of South Australia's mining acts

A mineral claim provides an exclusive right to prospect for minerals within the claim area for 12 months, and to apply for a mining lease over all or a portion of the claim.

An exploration licence (EL) is the principal title issued for exploration in South Australia and authorises the licensee, subject to the Mining Act, Regulations and conditions of the licence, to explore for all minerals and/or opal other than extractive minerals.

A mining lease must be obtained before any production of minerals can commence. The mining lease gives the exclusive right to conduct mining operations and sell the minerals specified in conditions attached to the lease. There are two types of mining leases:

  • an extractive minerals lease (EML) for most construction materials
  • a mineral lease (ML) for other minerals (excluding precious stones - see Opal mining)

Note: There are time limits within which appropriate forms and fees much to lodged for mineral claims, leases and licences

Current mineral tenements

Information about mineral exploration licence applications, licences, licence holders, exploration release areas and production tenement holders is published in the following information sheets (real-time updates):

South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)

Information about current mineral tenements is available from the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG).

Download a preset map showing current mineral tenements

SARIG can also be used to:

  • Identify ground open for exploration licence application
  • Download exploration data and reports
  • Apply online for new exploration licences and renewals
  • Track the processing status of an EL application
  • Download and print state maps (updated daily) including:
    • Mineral exploration tenement applications
    • Mineral exploration licences
    • Mineral exploration release areas
    • mineral production tenements
    • Land access considerations e.g. Parks, Aboriginal Land, Defence Lands etc.
    • Launch SARIG application

For more information, contact:

Mineral Tenements
Phone: +61 8 8463 3103
Fax: +61 8 8463 3101
Maps and historical information are available from:
Resource Information Centre
Phone: +61 8 8463 3000