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New approved forms and templates for lease and licence applications | New Aboriginal heritage guidelines for resource projectsSouth Australia's Magnetite Strategy launched

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 28(5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the undermentioned areas.

Community information on mineral exploration licence processes and requirements under the Mining Act 1971

DateApplicant/sLocation Pastoral lease/sTerm Area in km2 Reference and map
8 February 2018Leigh Creek Operations Pty LtdCopley Area - Surrounding Leigh CreekNorth Moolooloo, Myrtle Springs, Leigh CreekTwo years1012017/00197 Plan and coordinates (PDF 484 KB)
8 February 2018Murray Basin Minerals Pty LtdOakvale Station Area – approx. 85 km south-southeast of OlaryMutooroo, Oakvale, Pine Valley, QuondongTwo years9982017/00201 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
8 February 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdLincoln Gap area – approx. 30km west of Port AugustaCultana, Pandurra, Tregalana, IllerooTwo years1842017/00218 Plan and coordinates (PDF 482 KB)
8 February 2018Recover Minerals Pty LtdTodmorden Area - approx. 60 km northwest of OodnadattaTodmordenOne year3052018/00001 Plan and coordinates (PDF 296 KB)
8 February 2018Gawler Resources Pty LtdPenong Area - approx. 60 km northwest of Ceduna-Two years3952018/00009 Plan and coordinates (PDF 447 KB)
18 January 2018OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Operations Pty LtdPainted Hill area – approx. 120km southeast of Coober PedyAnna Creek, McDouall Peak, Millers Creek, Mount EbaThree years16342017/00203 Plan and coordinates (PDF 611 KB)
18 January 2018Renascor Resources LimitedWillouran Ranges area – approx. 20 km west of MarreeMarree, Callanna, WitchelinaTwo years4652016/00169 Plan and coordinates (PDF 365 KB)
18 January 2018WPG Resources LtdMuckanippie Outstation area – approx. 75 km northwest of TarcoolaBulgunnia, MulgathingTwo years1812017/00209 Plan and coordinates (PDF 337 KB
18 January 2018Challenger Gold Operations Pty LtdMulgathing area – approx. 80km northwest of TarcoolaMobella, MulgathingTwo years11122017/00210 Plan and coordinates (PDF 462 KB
18 January 2018Terrace Mining Pty LtdMount Moseley area – approx. 50 km south of WoomeraOakden HillsTwo years702017/00211 Plan and coordinates (PDF 263 KB
18 January 2018Spencer Metals Pty LtdWallaroo Plain area – approx. 20 km north of MoontaN/AOne year172017/00238 Plan and coordinates (PDF 324 KB
18 January 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdYarrabolina Hill area – approx. 140 km southeast of Coober PedyAnna CreekTwo years802017/00241 Plan and coordinates (PDF 320 KB
18 January 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdCultana area – approx. 30 km south of Port AugustaCultana, TregalanaTwo years3212017/00242 Plan and coordinates (PDF 579 KB
18 January 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdCultana area – approx. 30 km south of Port AugustaCultanaTwo years1522017/00243 Plan and coordinates (PDF 590 KB
18 January 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdArcoona area – approx. 40 km northeast of WoomeraArcoonaTwo years532017/00244 Plan and coordinates (PDF 354 KB
18 January 2018Yandan Gold Mines Pty LtdPermatty area – approx. 110 km northwest of Port AugustaOakden Hills, Pernatty, Yalymboo, Yudnapinna, South GapTwo years2692017/00245 Plan and coordinates (PDF 604 KB
18 January 2018Resource Holdings Pty LtdLake Torrens area – approx. 30 km east of AndamookaMulgaria, Andamooka, WitchelinaOne year9922017/00248 Plan and coordinates (PDF 504 KB